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New Hippie Fashon Shoot

As my friends know, I have a penchant to scour through various magazines and clip everything hippie, glam, colorful, glittery, rock & roll, sexy and fabulous. I came across a shoot in 944 Magazine a few months back that embodies just that. The shoot was done with clothing by Custo Barcelona and Zandra Rhodes, two […]

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A feast for your eyes and…um…ears

While living in South Beach I stumbled upon a flyer for an artist named Beatriz Milhazes at a gallery on Lincoln Road. I decided to look her up and found no official website, but I did find some pages with her amazing artwork, and oddly enough this video on YouTube. All I know is, she […]

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When Hippies Ruled the World

The Hippie movement in the late 60’s, sparked a political, social, and fashion revolution. The kids of that generation stood up for what they believed in, they made their voices heard, and most of all…they partied their asses off! In recent years there seems to be a passion being ignited once again. People want to […]