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When I woke up this morning, I already had an idea to post about Pink Floyd. Before doing so I decided to check out the updates on London Fashion Week. As I sifted through the latest shows, I came across one of my favorite labels, Basso & Brooke…….and then it hit me……PINK FLOYD! I believe […]

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More Raver than Hippie…

Yeah, it’s more Raver than Hippie, but I can’t help but post it! ♥

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Scott Saw : A cool story + Psilly Psymon

Two years ago this week, I was sitting in my tiny overpriced apartment in Manhattan, surfing Myspace on my birthday. Yeah, not the most fabulous B-day, I know) Anyway, I saw a bulletin posted by Scott Saw, who happens to be one of my favorite artists. He was giving away a free print to a […]

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LeT’s Do ThE tImE wARp !!!!

Hey everybody what’s shakin’! Have a Happy Halloween! Stay safe, stay warm, and stay tuned to Hippie Couture for new posts on trends and your favorite “Future Hippies”. 🙂 In the mean time…Let’s do the time warp! Who’s your favorite Rocky Horror character? Love All Around,Cara Mia

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I love trippy color patterns BUT….

This colorful pattern is not one I relished viewing this morning! It seems as though “Hanna” is headed directly for us. She is supposed to be Hurricane strength by the time she makes landfall.Having lived in Florida, I’ve been through several hurricanes that were much stronger, so this a just a “party storm”, but still […]