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History repeats itself

They say that history repeats itself. By looking at the photo above it seems to be true, at least in the fashion world. The couple on the left is Sean Lennon and super model girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl, and unless you’re from a different planet, you will recognize the picture on the right is none […]

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Hippie of the Future: ZOE KRAVITZ

When you think of the words Future Hippie what comes to mind? If you said my vintage clothing shop, EXCELLENT! But there is also something very significant about the title “Future Hippie”. It defines a person from the next generation that is embracing the hippie attitude. Maybe not to the point of living communally or […]

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When Hippies Ruled the World

The Hippie movement in the late 60’s, sparked a political, social, and fashion revolution. The kids of that generation stood up for what they believed in, they made their voices heard, and most of all…they partied their asses off! In recent years there seems to be a passion being ignited once again. People want to […]