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Madonna a hippie? Sienna, Mary Kate, Rachel Zoe….Guard your closets ladies! O.K., it may have been a brief period for her, but none the less Madonna appeared in Vogue back in 1992 sporting a laid-back hippie vibe! I think Madonna is fabulous but it seems strange to see her in bell-bottoms, floppy hats and chunky […]

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Summertime Hippie Love

It’s friggin’ hot out! That’s the inspiration for this post. Summer is officially here and it’s time for bikinis, boating, beaches and….err…! This shoot is called “Cosmo Natural” and it is from South African photographer Anthony Friend. I’m diggin’ this shoot because it’s a nice mix of a luxury and hippie vibe. Well, except for […]

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Hippie girls LOVE feathers and fringe!

I am

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If you were around during 1968, or like me just dream about what it would have been like to live in that time period, there’s a great magazine to give you a glimpse of what things were like back then. It’s the 40th Anniversary special Time magazine, simply called 1968. The magazine is packed with […]

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The Hippie Spirit is Alive!

I came across these pics from Brazilian photographer Antonio Andrade and had to post them! In these particular shoots Antonio captures the hippie spirit mixed with a bit of high fashion, my favorite! The first shoot is titled Chloe and the second one is Al. They kind of look like clothes that Talitha Getty might […]

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Sasha Pivovarova SO Hippie Chic!

One of my all time favorite models is Sasha Pivovarova, she just radiates confidence and beauty! I love the Moroccan theme of her photo shoot in the May 2009 Vogue Italia, especially since Morocco was such a “rich hippie” destination in the late 60’s. It attracted rockstars and models like Jimi Hendrix and Talitha Getty. […]

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Futuristic Hippies + Hippie Couture Award time!

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you will probably surmise that I LOVE hippie culture and fashion! I enjoy posting about original hippies from the 1960’s and 70’s but also about the next generation of people who are taking cues from the past and turning it into their own style. […]

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I started thrifting when I was 15, partially because the clothes were cheap, but being the rebellious kid that I was, I wanted a style that I could call my own. As I got older I ventured out into the world of “normal” shopping and bought some cool stuff, but always found myself back at […]

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When Hippies Ruled the World

The Hippie movement in the late 60’s, sparked a political, social, and fashion revolution. The kids of that generation stood up for what they believed in, they made their voices heard, and most of all…they partied their asses off! In recent years there seems to be a passion being ignited once again. People want to […]