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India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010 highlights

I Parvesh Jai…Preeti Kapoor…

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India Fashion Week 2009 Highlights

There is something just so trippy and magical happening in Indian fashion right now! New Delhi has become a hot spot for designers looking to make a name for themselves in India’s rising economy. Although bright colors are part of the Indian aesthetic, designers like Manish Arora and Prashant Verma are taking things to the […]

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Ritu’s Runway Gypsies

There are several designers rocking the Boho / Gypsy look for 2009 but when it comes to this style, there is a particular designer that comes to mind……her name is Ritu Kumar. Ritu is from India and her pieces range from traditional Indian garb to flamboyant, well crafted flowing gypsy skirts and shawls. Some pieces […]

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India rocks!

O.K., so if you’ve been reading my blog in the past, let’s say….er….month, you’ve surmised that I’m totally feelin’ the Indian fashion vibe and tend to salivate when viewing anything produced by the hands of a designer like Manish Arora! I’ll admit it, I’m hooked on the bright colors and flamboyant creations. Maybe it’s my […]