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60’S MAKEUP pics and fun video

I’ve been experimenting with getting a 60’s makeup look lately and came across these pics in my inspiration folder. I may not venture past my front door in some of these patterns but I still love the whole vibe! Below is also a fun 60’s makeup tutorial I found on Youtube. If you subscribe by […]

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Milly Spring RTW 2010 Sexy Psychedelic 60s

Now, I’m not too sure about the over-sized Madonna bows in the hair but I’m really digging these mini dresses! A very sexy psychedelic 60’s vibe with some mod silhouettes make an overall fun collection. These are some of my favorites. Stay tuned for the second part of the Time mag post about the late […]

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If you were around during 1968, or like me just dream about what it would have been like to live in that time period, there’s a great magazine to give you a glimpse of what things were like back then. It’s the 40th Anniversary special Time magazine, simply called 1968. The magazine is packed with […]

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Goldie Hawn Blonde Ambition Laugh In Barbie

Now, I have to be honest. I never owned a Barbie as a kid, never played with them, and

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It’s A Mod World!

With the polls opening today, it got me thinking about politics in the 60’s and the “race for space”, which made me think about fashion. Somehow I always end up at fashion!) I found a few pics in my inspiration folder that I wanted to share. My personal style is more hippie chic than mod, […]

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Rock your Sixties style!

A few days ago I posted some 60’s style makeup tips. Today I found this cool video which actually shows a couple of girls applying it! So cute, and there’s some footage of models in the 60’s doing a fashion show. Enjoy! Love All Around,Cara Mia

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Back to the sixties! Time Travel Anyone?

Since the age of 12 I have enjoyed traveling by plane. My first trip was to NYC to visit my Aunt and Uncle. I remember looking out the window in total awe of the view from the sky. After the events of September 11, and the “crackdown” on airport security, my love for flying to […]