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India Fashion Week 2009 Highlights

There is something just so trippy and magical happening in Indian fashion right now! New Delhi has become a hot spot for designers looking to make a name for themselves in India’s rising economy. Although bright colors are part of the Indian aesthetic, designers like Manish Arora and Prashant Verma are taking things to the […]

boho bollywood designer fashion hippie style india Manish Arora new delhi prashant verma runway

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2008 Part 2

Here is part 2 of the India Fashion Week post, as promised. There were so many incredible shows this year that it’s hard to pick just one. I will admit that Manish Arora *gasp!*) was not my favorite. As much as I love Manish, I think his circus theme, although highly entertaining and true to […]

colorful-trippy designer fashion futuristic Manish Arora models runway

Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Recently Swarovski commissioned several leading designers to create looks incorporating their famous crystals, for the “Runway Rocks Project”. Normally I would say, “O.K., that’s kinda cool, I dig their shiny crystals, whatever.”, but it was the futuristic extravaganza pictured above) that made me take notice. The outfit is titled “It’s a Beautiful Life” and is […]

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The Australian Boho Rainbow!

It’s rare that I see a collection and like every piece, aside from Manish Arora of course! Usually I’ll find a few getup’s sashaying down the runway that I love, and the rest leave me feeling apathetic. I did however, come across a couple of designers from Australia named Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson, that […]

colorful-trippy designer fabulous fashion hippie couture india Manish Arora

Somewhere over the rainbow…..

Manish Arora was soaking up all the brightest colors for his Spring/Summer 2008 collection! When I stumbled upon this fabulous Indian designer, I think I welled up a bit. Being a fan of bright colors, pop art and everything psychedelic, I was enthralled with every single piece presented. His style is bold, ethnic, whimsical, and […]