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Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl All You Need is Love

I first posted about Sean Lennon and his beautiful girlfriend Charlotte Kemp in 2008. In the world of celebrity breakups, it refreshing to see that they are still together and in love! This month they are in both L’Officiel, Russia and Nylon, Mexico, and are looking fierce as ever! If you haven’t heard, Sean and […]

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NEXT GEN HIPPIES Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl

Pictured above is the iconic photo of John and Yoko from the 1981 Rolling Stone Magazine Cover. To the right is their son Sean Lennon and his gorgeous girlfriend Charlotte kemp Muhl. Sean and Kemp have attempted to recreate the magic of that shoot in a recent french style mag called Purple. I know some […]

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History repeats itself

They say that history repeats itself. By looking at the photo above it seems to be true, at least in the fashion world. The couple on the left is Sean Lennon and super model girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl, and unless you’re from a different planet, you will recognize the picture on the right is none […]