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Boho Fashion & Design Ideas via Stevie

It’s raining out today, a perfect time to listen to Fleetwood Mac and have a nice relaxing vibe in the air. I’m especially moved by Stevie Nicks voice, so unique and soothing. I’ve been looking for some Boho design inspiration lately, and found this awesome picture of Stevie’s house that I had saved from a […]

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

There’s nothing like hearing music you love to change your mood. My handsome husband knows this, so anytime I’m getting……..cranky…..he throws on some Tom Petty for me. Either Tom or DJ Herbie James, but Herbie deserves a post all of his own, so for now well talk Tom. The first album I bought from Tom […]

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I’m feelin’ 80’s today

Well, the storm “Hanna” has officially passed here….I think hurricane “Ike” is down to a category 1 and is still headed to Texas though……watch out G.W.!!! *ha ha*) Anyway, I got to thinking about the storms of life and this song by Triumph came to mind. Granted, it’s not my usual 60’s/70’s hippie vibe, but […]

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Psychedelic Color Blast for your Mind & Spirit !!!

As you can probably surmise by looking at my blog or shop, I’m emphatically drawn to anything bright, colorful, psychedelic and fabulous! That is why I could not wait until Easter to write this post. I found these amazing carpets and had to share the trippyness with you yes I just just made up a […]