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Rock n Roll Royalty

This beautiful creature is Georgia May Jagger, the youngest love child of Mick Jagger and supermodel Jerry Hall. She definitely has her mom’s good looks and her dads famous lips, which have garnered the attention of the press and several modeling agencies. This year just after her 16th birthday, she signed with Elite Model Management […]

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History repeats itself

They say that history repeats itself. By looking at the photo above it seems to be true, at least in the fashion world. The couple on the left is Sean Lennon and super model girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl, and unless you’re from a different planet, you will recognize the picture on the right is none […]

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Woodstock and the Runway

I was browsing The Way Back Machine Blog today when I read that today is the 39th anniversary of Woodstock. For all you youngsters, it was a music festival held on a huge farm in New York, with about 200,000 people in attendance, and famous musicians such as Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead and Jimi […]

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Hippie of the Future: ZOE KRAVITZ

When you think of the words Future Hippie what comes to mind? If you said my vintage clothing shop, EXCELLENT! But there is also something very significant about the title “Future Hippie”. It defines a person from the next generation that is embracing the hippie attitude. Maybe not to the point of living communally or […]

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Gucci rides the Hippie bus to Resort 2009

There are hippies from the 60’s that would pass out if they heard the words “hippie” and “high end fashion” used in the same sentence. But behold, there is a new breed of flower children emerging with the younger generations; people who derive creative fashion inspiration from the past, and mix it with their own […]

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Talitha Getty The Bohemian Queen

As many of you know, Boho is short for Bohemian which means “somebody with an unconventional or gypsy lifestyle.” Well hold on to your floppy hats! Before Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, there was one girl who earned the title “Bohemian queen”; her name was Talitha Getty. Talitha wasn’t well known by the public but […]

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Celebs Gone Psychedelic!

Ooooooh, I love when this happens! Its 1:00am, I’m half awake while surfing the web, knowing I need to call it a night but fighting sleep as usual. I mindlessly link from one site to another, and somehow end up on a picture of Mischa Barton in this hot psychedelic mini dress, complete with trippy […]

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I started thrifting when I was 15, partially because the clothes were cheap, but being the rebellious kid that I was, I wanted a style that I could call my own. As I got older I ventured out into the world of “normal” shopping and bought some cool stuff, but always found myself back at […]

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New Hippie Fashon Shoot

As my friends know, I have a penchant to scour through various magazines and clip everything hippie, glam, colorful, glittery, rock & roll, sexy and fabulous. I came across a shoot in 944 Magazine a few months back that embodies just that. The shoot was done with clothing by Custo Barcelona and Zandra Rhodes, two […]