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Hippie Couture LOVES…

BIG FURRY JACKETS! I don’t know about you guys but I am so ready for the fall/winter season! Cold weather means we get to break out those fabulous fur jackets or vests that are sitting in our closets waiting patiently to be worn! I’m posting a few pics to get in the cold weather mood…..yes, […]

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THAT 70s STYLE part one

Although I am partial to the hippie style of the early 70’s, I have a deep love for everything fun from that decade. This includes the rock and roll/glam side of things as well as *cough cough*) disco fever! Now, I know that back then, the “rockers” and the “disco kids” were very much at […]

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A special thanks to Burda Style for mentioning my vintage clothing store Future Hippie in their blog! Burda Style is a site dedicated to fashion designers, DIY’ers and sewing enthusiasts, packed with great information and free downloadable patterns. The dress pictured above is called the 7979 and is just one of many cool pieces to […]

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The Australian Boho Rainbow!

It’s rare that I see a collection and like every piece, aside from Manish Arora of course! Usually I’ll find a few getup’s sashaying down the runway that I love, and the rest leave me feeling apathetic. I did however, come across a couple of designers from Australia named Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson, that […]

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Hippie of the Future: ZOE KRAVITZ

When you think of the words Future Hippie what comes to mind? If you said my vintage clothing shop, EXCELLENT! But there is also something very significant about the title “Future Hippie”. It defines a person from the next generation that is embracing the hippie attitude. Maybe not to the point of living communally or […]

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Celebs Gone Psychedelic!

Ooooooh, I love when this happens! Its 1:00am, I’m half awake while surfing the web, knowing I need to call it a night but fighting sleep as usual. I mindlessly link from one site to another, and somehow end up on a picture of Mischa Barton in this hot psychedelic mini dress, complete with trippy […]