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Talitha Getty The Bohemian Queen

As many of you know, Boho is short for Bohemian which means “somebody with an unconventional or gypsy lifestyle.” Well hold on to your floppy hats! Before Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, there was one girl who earned the title “Bohemian queen”; her name was Talitha Getty. Talitha wasn’t well known by the public but […]

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Celebs Gone Psychedelic!

Ooooooh, I love when this happens! Its 1:00am, I’m half awake while surfing the web, knowing I need to call it a night but fighting sleep as usual. I mindlessly link from one site to another, and somehow end up on a picture of Mischa Barton in this hot psychedelic mini dress, complete with trippy […]

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I started thrifting when I was 15, partially because the clothes were cheap, but being the rebellious kid that I was, I wanted a style that I could call my own. As I got older I ventured out into the world of “normal” shopping and bought some cool stuff, but always found myself back at […]

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Somewhere over the rainbow…..

Manish Arora was soaking up all the brightest colors for his Spring/Summer 2008 collection! When I stumbled upon this fabulous Indian designer, I think I welled up a bit. Being a fan of bright colors, pop art and everything psychedelic, I was enthralled with every single piece presented. His style is bold, ethnic, whimsical, and […]

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Back to the sixties! Time Travel Anyone?

Since the age of 12 I have enjoyed traveling by plane. My first trip was to NYC to visit my Aunt and Uncle. I remember looking out the window in total awe of the view from the sky. After the events of September 11, and the “crackdown” on airport security, my love for flying to […]

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New Hippie Fashon Shoot

As my friends know, I have a penchant to scour through various magazines and clip everything hippie, glam, colorful, glittery, rock & roll, sexy and fabulous. I came across a shoot in 944 Magazine a few months back that embodies just that. The shoot was done with clothing by Custo Barcelona and Zandra Rhodes, two […]