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THAT 70s STYLE part two

It’s Saturday night and I’ve opted to stay in and have a fun night at home. To get in a 70’s mood, I’ve put on my shortest pair of running shorts, some knee-high socks, and my favorite disco tracks. Now, I may bust out my rollerskates, but this will depend on the amount of cocktails […]

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THAT 70s STYLE part one

Although I am partial to the hippie style of the early 70’s, I have a deep love for everything fun from that decade. This includes the rock and roll/glam side of things as well as *cough cough*) disco fever! Now, I know that back then, the “rockers” and the “disco kids” were very much at […]

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The Headband Trend

If you are a fan of the 60’s / 70’s, you have probably donned a headband at some point. If you haven’t incorporated it into your look, here’s your chance! Headbands are back, and they are more versatile than ever! Pick up any fashion magazine and you will see an array of stars sporting this […]

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Cool art for you sexy Hipsters!

Occasionally I will grab a picture I see online and put it into an inspiration folder. As I was looking through this folder, I found a picture I had saved of a colorful piece of artwork. The image title read “Olofsdotter”, so I did a search to see if I could find more of this […]