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In The Year 2525

Slobots were alive! The Slobots are exuberant, futuristic, colorful and friendly, but what I love the most is that the artist M. Heisler has created a story for each bot that makes you want to pick one up and hug it! Here’s an example of the “SLOMADL” story…..“He was created to destroy any living thing […]

colorful-trippy designer fabulous fashion hippie couture india Manish Arora

Somewhere over the rainbow…..

Manish Arora was soaking up all the brightest colors for his Spring/Summer 2008 collection! When I stumbled upon this fabulous Indian designer, I think I welled up a bit. Being a fan of bright colors, pop art and everything psychedelic, I was enthralled with every single piece presented. His style is bold, ethnic, whimsical, and […]

art artist brazil colorful-trippy psychedelic trippy videos

A feast for your eyes and…um…ears

While living in South Beach I stumbled upon a flyer for an artist named Beatriz Milhazes at a gallery on Lincoln Road. I decided to look her up and found no official website, but I did find some pages with her amazing artwork, and oddly enough this video on YouTube. All I know is, she […]