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GYPSET : gypsy + jetset = Awesome!

Gypset is here! I pre-ordered this book like a month ago and it finally arrived today! Obviously I haven’t sat down to read it yet, but the pictures alone make this book totally worth the wait! Julia Chaplin is a New York based journalist who covers contemporary art, fashion, design, lifestyle and travel. She has […]

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Scott Saw : A cool story + Psilly Psymon

Two years ago this week, I was sitting in my tiny overpriced apartment in Manhattan, surfing Myspace on my birthday. Yeah, not the most fabulous B-day, I know) Anyway, I saw a bulletin posted by Scott Saw, who happens to be one of my favorite artists. He was giving away a free print to a […]

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My dear friend Joey blogged about his most recent purchase, an amazing vintage 60’s Shasta Travel Trailer, which he is currently in the process of restoring. It got me thinking about the 60’s in general and how people were really into trailers, vans and buses, and seemed to love traveling together and taking long trips […]

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It’s A Mod World!

With the polls opening today, it got me thinking about politics in the 60’s and the “race for space”, which made me think about fashion. Somehow I always end up at fashion!) I found a few pics in my inspiration folder that I wanted to share. My personal style is more hippie chic than mod, […]

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LeT’s Do ThE tImE wARp !!!!

Hey everybody what’s shakin’! Have a Happy Halloween! Stay safe, stay warm, and stay tuned to Hippie Couture for new posts on trends and your favorite “Future Hippies”. 🙂 In the mean time…Let’s do the time warp! Who’s your favorite Rocky Horror character? Love All Around,Cara Mia

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Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2008 Part 1

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week S/S 2008 is underway! Of course it is one of my favorite shows that takes place, due to the budding designers, trippy colors and overall hippie vibe. After all, the hippies were greatly influenced by Eastern designs and color in the late 60’s, a trend that is resurfacing in the […]

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Pirates raid the runway!

If there’s one thing Betsey Johnson never fails to do, it’s entertain! Yes, I know I’ve been slightly….mmmm…. apathetic about fashion week this year, but Betsey has managed to kick my fashion loving butt back into Ready To Wear heaven! Now, her collection is……how shall I put this?……weird, theatrical, exuberant, over-the-top, and just friggin’ awesome! […]

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Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Recently Swarovski commissioned several leading designers to create looks incorporating their famous crystals, for the “Runway Rocks Project”. Normally I would say, “O.K., that’s kinda cool, I dig their shiny crystals, whatever.”, but it was the futuristic extravaganza pictured above) that made me take notice. The outfit is titled “It’s a Beautiful Life” and is […]

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Psychedelic Color Blast for your Mind & Spirit !!!

As you can probably surmise by looking at my blog or shop, I’m emphatically drawn to anything bright, colorful, psychedelic and fabulous! That is why I could not wait until Easter to write this post. I found these amazing carpets and had to share the trippyness with you yes I just just made up a […]

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Cool art for you sexy Hipsters!

Occasionally I will grab a picture I see online and put it into an inspiration folder. As I was looking through this folder, I found a picture I had saved of a colorful piece of artwork. The image title read “Olofsdotter”, so I did a search to see if I could find more of this […]