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How to wear Vintage T-shirts and look cool!

How to wear Vintage T-shirts and look cool! Heading out to a festival or concert? Here are a few ways to wear that vintage band shirt and look effortless! These are some pics from my “inspiration” folder. If you have some  pics of vintage concert T styles that you think are cool, email them and […]

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Awesome Vintage Rock T-shirts for sale from Hippie Couture’s personal collection

Hi everybody, I’ve been going through my personal vintage T-shirt collection and decided to put a few up for grabs on E-bay! All shirts ship to the U.S and Canada, shipping to the U.S. is FREE! The first shirt is an original vintage Pink Floyd concert tour shirt from 1987, “Momentary Lapse of Reason”. It’s […]

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Yep, big hair is back! It probably all started with those Bumpits commercials but the trend is here to stay… least for now. The good news is, it doesn’t matter what decade you’re into…..1960’s, 70’s, 80’s…’s

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Feeling 80’s?

I am! Every now and then I just have to get a good dose of the 80’s! 🙂Enjoy!

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Life is so strange…

Every now and then I ‘m feelin’ a little “80’s”. Here’s one of my fav. songs from Missing Persons. Dale Bozzio is fierce, I might have to dress like her next Halloween! Love All Around,Cara Mia

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We always wish for money…..we always wish for fame…..

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

There’s nothing like hearing music you love to change your mood. My handsome husband knows this, so anytime I’m getting……..cranky…..he throws on some Tom Petty for me. Either Tom or DJ Herbie James, but Herbie deserves a post all of his own, so for now well talk Tom. The first album I bought from Tom […]

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I’m feelin’ 80’s today

Well, the storm “Hanna” has officially passed here….I think hurricane “Ike” is down to a category 1 and is still headed to Texas though……watch out G.W.!!! *ha ha*) Anyway, I got to thinking about the storms of life and this song by Triumph came to mind. Granted, it’s not my usual 60’s/70’s hippie vibe, but […]

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Back to the sixties! Time Travel Anyone?

Since the age of 12 I have enjoyed traveling by plane. My first trip was to NYC to visit my Aunt and Uncle. I remember looking out the window in total awe of the view from the sky. After the events of September 11, and the “crackdown” on airport security, my love for flying to […]