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I started thrifting when I was 15, partially because the clothes were cheap, but being the rebellious kid that I was, I wanted a style that I could call my own. As I got older I ventured out into the world of “normal” shopping and bought some cool stuff, but always found myself back at […]

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Cat Eye Glasses and Cocktails

It was only a few years ago that I discovered the magic of 60’s flicks and foreign cinema, so I cannot boast about being au fait in the subject, but I can tell you what makes for a fabulous girls night of red wine and pillow fights! Knowing how much I enjoy finding these treasures, […]

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Back to the sixties! Time Travel Anyone?

Since the age of 12 I have enjoyed traveling by plane. My first trip was to NYC to visit my Aunt and Uncle. I remember looking out the window in total awe of the view from the sky. After the events of September 11, and the “crackdown” on airport security, my love for flying to […]

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When Hippies Ruled the World

The Hippie movement in the late 60’s, sparked a political, social, and fashion revolution. The kids of that generation stood up for what they believed in, they made their voices heard, and most of all…they partied their asses off! In recent years there seems to be a passion being ignited once again. People want to […]