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FASHION WEEK Live Webcast! + Gary Kahn from Zeitbyte talks tech and fashion!

models on the runwayFashion Week is here! For those who love fashion but are unable to make it to New York City this week, now you will be able to see the latest looks from the hottest designers, right from your computer! Zeitbyte Digital Media will be providing live webcasts for the 88 runway shows taking place in the Tents at Lincoln Center, as well as the 18 shows at Milk Studios, and will also be webcasting from the fashion shows outside The Tents.

They will be following the fashion week schedule, so you will see what happens as it happens!
The best part is there is no fee to watch the shows from any of the links!

You can watch the shows live at:
Fashion At Lincoln Center
Milk Made
First Comes Fashion

I had a chance to ask the president of Zeitbyte, Gary Kahn, a few questions regarding Zeitbyte and what we will see during the Fashion Week webcasts. Here’s what he had to say….

gary kahn from zeitbyte
HC: Hi Gary, thanks for taking the time to talk to our readers today. Please tell us about Zeitbyte and what services you provide.

GK: Zeitbyte is a digital media services company that provides media online and video services including live event webcasting, video production services, custom media players, media encoding, and media management and streaming. We are a Manhattan based company and have worked with clients such as ConEdison, Kenneth Cole, Universal Music, UBS, Neiman Marcus, Phillips de Pury and Michael Kors.

HC: Fashion Week is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. What can viewers expect to see during the webcasts?

GK: Viewers will see every fashion show from the Tents at Lincoln Center and from Milk Studios live. Zeitbyte will also be webcasting from the fashion shows outside The Tents and will be working with First Comes Fashion, a website dedicated to everything taking place during Fashion Week.

HC: In the past few years the fashion industry seems to have embraced internet broadcasting as a means to promote their products. Do you see this as a trend that is on the rise and do you think it will eventually replace traditional media?

GK: There is such limited space in the tents that broadcasting it on the Internet is the perfect way to let the public inside. For the past three years we have done more webcasting every year. The designers have embraced this technology and I think are helping push it to new heights. They understand their viewers and are coming up with some very interesting ideas about engaging with their audience and promoting their brand. We are also seeing a trend towards webcasting events outside of the traditional fashion week. We have done some interesting work with Neiman Marcus and Donna Karan. They are doing smaller fashion shows at their department stores and webcasting those. I do not think webcasting will replace traditional media. I think the two will co-exist side by side for many years and will start looking more like each other.

HC: I’ve heard that you enjoy being in Manhattan. Where is your favorite place to unwind after a hectic week?

GK: In Central Park with my new son Oskar.

HC: Thank you for your insight Gary. We look forward to great things from Zeitbyte!

A special thank you to everyone involved with making these webcasts possible!
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