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Rockstar Sarah Atereth – Exclusive interview!

sarah aterethThere are a lot of words I could use to describe recording artist Sarah Atereth…beautiful, talented, creative, rockstar…But the first word that comes to my mind is genuine!

I recently had the privilege of working with Sarah for a photo shoot in which she wore a Hippie Couture statement necklace more on that later). After many conversations and emails, I learned that not only is she amazingly talented, she truly has a loving heart and great spirit!

Sarah’s sultry vocals and powerful performances have garnered the attention of top recording artists and a legion of adoring fans! She is currently in the recording studio with Aerosmith, Faith Hill, and Mick Jagger’s producer, Marti Frederiksen, and has dominated the Billboard charts with tracks being played by the hottest DJ’s worldwide.

Sarah has 2 top 40 hits “Fade Away” and “You Wouldn’t Know How”, a #1 UK hit “Fade Away”, and her current single “It Doesn’t Take Much” is #4 on Billboard!

Even in the midst of a hectic schedule, Sarah was gracious enough to give us an exclusive interview! Here’s what she had to say….

sarah atereth with steven tyler and joe perryHC: Your fans are anxiously awaiting the release of your next album! What can you tell us about the new tracks?
SARAH: The new tracks reflect my personal and distinct sensibilities. My lyrics, as always are unique and very “Sarah”. I recorded this album all over the world, therefore it has a wonderful international flavor. I worked with Aerosmith’s producer in L.A., giving the tracks a strong rock feel. My co-writer in New York and I brought the backdrop of Ibiza and the wild club scene into the mix. I walked the streets of Seddon, Australia to my producer’s house to write and record cutting-edge and deeply meaningful works. I can’t wait for you to hear them.

HC: I understand that you have an extensive background in dance and have trained at Alvin Ailey. How has this helped you with your performances and with life in general?
SARAH: I am very fortunate to have trained under the head of the jazz department at Alvin Ailey. Being a dancer is so much a part of me, that everything I do emanates from it. Dance has taught me discipline, respect, focus, hard work, joy, freedom, agony, and transcendence of the body. For me, on stage and in life, music and dance are inseparable. They are one.

HC: How did you know that this is what you were meant to do?
SARAH: I know that being an artist is what I am meant to do because of the way it makes me and others feel when I am creating and performing.

HC: You have a fabulous personal style! What or who inspires your fashion choices?
SARAH: Thank you. I find fashion to be fun. I am inspired by the energy and diversity of New York City. It is one of those rare places where on Wednesday night I am at the season opening of the New York City Ballet in a midnight blue Cinderella gown and on Thursday I could be at the latest club on the lower east side in my punk tartan skirt from Trash and Vaudeville. There are no limits to fashion. Be yourself.

HC: You’ve worked with so many people. Which collaboration stands out for you?
SARAH: I enjoy collaborating. It’s as if you take a mixing bowl and throw in the ingredients, which are your co-writers different life experiences. Sometimes you have sweets to bake a cake and sometimes you end up with a masterpiece of a song from burnt pieces of toast and jam. One of my favorite songwriting partners is Chris Palmaro. I love every song he and I have ever written. We believe in music the same way.

HC: If you’re having a bad day what song will make you smile again?
SARAH: hahaha “Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen. I say this because it’s one of my favorite karaoke songs to sing with my best friend! A favorite memory of mine, is when we were together in Slovenia, eating ice-cream. The song came on the radio playing in the restaurant. We freaked! We sang/screamed the song all the way home dancing and laughing on the cobblestone streets of old world Ljubljana like crazy folks.

HC: What is your favorite “cheat” food?
SARAH: Ben and Jerry’s half baked ice-cream. The deli by my house is open 24 hours a day. The 3 a.m. graveyard shift workers know my dog and me by name.

HC: What advice would you give to aspiring musicians and artists?
SARAH: Define success on your own terms.

HC: Thank you Sarah! You rock!

Here are some pics of Sarah and her fabulous videos for you to check out. The first video “Shall We Dance” shows the softer side of Sarah, and in the second video “It Doesn’t take much” Sarah unleashes her inner house diva! The first 2 pics are from her recent photo shoot where she is wearing “The Godfather’s Daughter” Statement Necklace from Hippie Couture. That makes me smile! πŸ™‚

*Sarah’s music is available at Itunes and
*For more info and updates visit Sarah’s website and check out her Facebook.

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