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rachel zoe and husbandAWESOME! FABULOUS! FIERCE!

O.K., I know there are mixed reviews about her. Some people love her….and others probably just jealous!) heh heh *insert devious laugh here*

Anyway, love her or otherwise, the following video below is pretty funny. Lately there has been a comedian by the name of Amy Phillips who has been impersonating Rachel and posting it on Youtube. Instead of lashing back, Rachel, having the wonderful sense of humor that she does, embraced the comedian and decided to share the spotlight with her in the latest video called “The Zoeinator.”

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Season 3 of The Rachel Zoe Project officially kicks off Tuesday, August 3 at 10:00 EST.

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥

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3 replies on “RACHEL ZOE IS….”

I think she’s great…if only I could fit into most of her wardrobe…I tend to run towards the T&A body frame…not the skinny fashionista body type.

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