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rockstar fashion modelsSo you wanna be a rockstar? Here’s a few fun things to get ya started……..

First, never forget your big dark sunglasses….even at night! You never know when the wild festivities will turn into early morning Denny’s runs!

alison mosshart and kate moss
Second, mixing various prints just says “I’m a rockstar and I can wear anything I want!” Anything of the animal print variety will do quite nicely.

alison mosshart in leopard print
Always remember to program a taxi service on your cell in case you have a “dude where’s my car” moment. Snapping your fingers for the limo driver can work as well. “Chop Chop!”

janis joplin
Remember, you don’t have to play an instrument or even sing to be a rockstar….

kat von d showing off tattoos
It is perfectly acceptable to just sit there looking fierce!

jessica stam in rock studio
Sometimes dating a rockstar guy can get you a “free pass” into the limelight…

jimi hendrix
But it’s much sexier to be confident and independent!

joan jet in sex pistols t-shirt
Whether you’re a guy or girl, leather and fur preferably faux fur) should be a staple in your closet.

lenny kravitz on stage
When in doubt, shred it! Shredding says, “No matter how rich I am, I’m still hardcore!”

taylor mosmen in black leggings
Always sport your best pout for those pesky paparazzi photos, you never know where they’ll end up!

abbey lee vogue germany
No rockstar life is complete without spending at least one night at the Chelsea Hotel in NYC and channeling the Sid and Nancy vibe.

sid and nancy at the chelsea hotelthe chelsea hotel nyc
And last but not least…..have fun and enjoy your life! There is only one of you in the world, so no matter what anyone says, be the unique rockstar you were created to be!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥

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It’s patched together, and I pulled a little corner of a piece out and saw skin! D: Doh! It is amazing, though. I’ll definitely post pics soon. :* Thank you for helping me with the headphones! xx

annie, i think that is the longest comment i’ve seen from anyone……ever! i love it!

maybe it’s not real. i have a lot of stuff that looks and feels real but it’s totally fake.

one time i had a “hippie” street performer sing to me as i walked by, telling me how evil i was for wearing a fur coat. it was fake, just looked real but i thought it was ironic to have a “hippie guy” yelling at me, “hippie couture”…..haha…..”well, i am one part couture!”, i said 🙂

post a twitter pic of it sometime. thanks for your comments all of you guys) you always make me smile! luv, cara mia

Lol! Awesome. My favorite part is how it’s perfectly acceptable to just sit there looking fierce. 🙂

I bought a multicolor fur purse that just arrived today that you would love! I bought it from eBay under the premise that it was faux fur, as I’m not comfortable with real fur. However, now that I’ve inspected it in person I’m almost certain it’s the real thing! Gah! Did not mean to buy that! I’m consoling myself with the idea that since I love the purse sooo much I really, really, really love it, but wouldn’t have bought it if I’d known it was real), then at least the little creatures are appreciated and the purse won’t sit in a closet unloved anymore. :/
This is the longest comment I think I’ve ever written. !!! ;D <3

Wow 😀 your post is great, love it ^^
Your so creative 🙂
p.s.: I added you to my blogroll & keep following your blog 😀

See you 😀

great post! am sure everyone harbors a secret wish to be a rockstar…:) nice blog too

Loving this, Cara Mia. Need to get my big dark sunglasses and fake fur, so I have my Rockstar groove ready when I need it most.

This is kickass.
I’ve stayed a night at the Chelsea Hotel for a party.

I’ve always got at least 2 pairs of oversized sunglasses with me at all times.

I got this new black lace dress for my friends wedding tomorrow.
You’d love it.
I’m posting photo’s of it tomorrow as well as my new hair cut and color.


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