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Hippie Couture Statement Jewelry is in!

model abbey leeSince the 60’s, women have been making a statement not only with their clothing but their jewelry as well. Especially true this year is the saying “more is more!”

Over the past few months I’ve been especially inspired by jewelry. I decided to dig through my vintage brooches and necklaces for treasures that could be resurrected and made into something new and exciting. The Hippie Couture statement jewelry collection is the outcome!

The following pics are just a few of the pieces that are now available on the Hippie Couture website. Each piece is handmade with love and one of a kind, meant to capture a vintage luxury vibe with a hint of rock n roll. My desire is that everyone who purchases a Hippie Couture statement necklace will feel like a rockstar when they wear it out!

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9 replies on “Hippie Couture Statement Jewelry is in!”

The first one and the octopus one… and the heart/lock one, are my faves. Very cool, very impressed!! I think the rock n roll hippie thing is right up my alley!

I was wondering where you’ve been.
Now I know you were busy making beautiful pieces of artwork.

And thank you about my mother,
We are all so very proud of her and her accomplishments these past few years.

I havn’t gotten a chance to wear my new skirt yet.
On my day off yesterday I desided to clear out under my futton,
Take it apart,
Get rid of it,
Rip up the carpet,
And steam clean the floor.

So since I’ve got no bed now,
I’m going to buy a hammock to sleep in instead.


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