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modern hippieMany styles come and go but one that continues to make it’s way to the fashion pages is the modern hippie style! Feathers, fringe, chunky rings and floppy hats are all part of this look, but even more so is the attitude behind the clothes……carefree and fun! The modern hippie takes cues from the past and transforms them in a lighthearted way.

Here are a few pics from my inspiration folder. Check out this post for some groovy new tunes from bands that are keeping the vibe alive!

What is your favorite thing about the nouveau hippie look?

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥

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I love all of it! The jewelry, the shoes, the outfits…the extra baggage! Lovin’ the hippie look. I’m trying to find something that I don’t like, but apparently…that’s impossible in this blog! Love it all.

Love, PK

def feathers! and fringe, but mostly feathers!!

jess s//

ps//having a green giveaway over at HFF, be sure to check it out!!

Hello Dear! How are you? I love the idea the hippie inspiration is for the eternety maybe is the natural way…what do you think? I’m goin’ to answer this post with another post but with Argentina style hope you like it…and in the end I have 3 blogs! give you the links hope you enjoy them, and for the girls keep coming to the canyon if you have clothes for the sets and want me to make one wih them just let me know!

Rock on Dear Cara!!!

Hi, you have such a wonderful blog!

I’m the project leader of a Swedish project that are involving todays youth and the sixties.

Would it be possible to ask you a little about your interest in the period of time and fashion?

You can get in touch with me at:
or at my blog:

And ofc, Im also found at Facebook: Dagens 60-tal


I actually like the last one and the plummage hat.

I’m going to Coachella in three weeks, I can’t wait to bust out some warm-weather hippie-esque looks there. Now I just need a cool hat!~

The fabrics & prints are the best! LOVE your blog!

How much do I enjoy wearing a loose floaty hippie caftan, gobbling a ginormous meal, and not worrying about bloat showing?
T H I S—————- M U C H !!!!!

I love the print of the shirt in the first picture!

It’s imortal!!
thanks for the perfect inspirations, you choose great moments.

have a nice week

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