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Nouveau Hippie: Devon Aoki - Hippie Couture

Devon Aoki boho styleI would have to say that Devon Aoki is one of my favorite “Nouveau Hippies”! She is the daughter of Rocky Aoki, the man who founded the Benihana restaurant chain, and a super-starlet in the Hollywood scene.

Devon’s style has a strong 60’s / 70’s influence both on camera and off. Here are a few of my favorite pics taken by David Mushegain, a couple random pics, and a fun video of Devon and Boy George in a Hugo Boss ad campaign. If you subscribe by email and cannot see the video, go directly to Hippie Couture.

Hope everyone is having a sexy week!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥
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8 Responses to Nouveau Hippie: Devon Aoki

  1. Mad Coco says:

    I love the dress in the fourth picture.
    Gosh that girl has a fabulous face!

  2. Trendology says:

    I love her! She’s stunning!

  3. Blicious says:

    she is beautiful!!!!


  4. she was in the second one 2 fast 2 furious) 🙂

  5. em.me.ma says:

    thanks for the comment; i love how unique she is; was she in fast and the furious? by any chance

  6. She is so gorgeous!
    Love these photos!


  7. smashingbird says:

    She is just gorgeous, love the high waisted trousers on her.

  8. coy colleen says:

    absolutely stunning, she has the perfect boho look