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BASSO & BROOKE channel PINK FLOYD! - Hippie Couture

basso and brooke vs pink floydWhen I woke up this morning, I already had an idea to post about Pink Floyd. Before doing so I decided to check out the updates on London Fashion Week. As I sifted through the latest shows, I came across one of my favorite labels, Basso & Brooke…….and then it hit me……PINK FLOYD!

I believe Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke may have been influenced subliminally by the legendary band! Check out these pics of their latest Fall 2010 RTW collection against the album covers. Crazy!

Below is also a video of one of my favorite Pink Floyd tracks,”Have a Cigar”. If you subscribe by email and cannot see the video, go directly to Hippie Couture.

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥psychedelic fashionfashion inspiration from pink floydbasso and brooke vs pink floydbasso and brooke rtw 2010basso and brooke vs pink floydpsychedelic fashionbasso and brooke vs pink floydImages via Style.com and Allfloyd.com

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8 Responses to BASSO & BROOKE channel PINK FLOYD!

  1. Lovely Laura says:

    aah lovely pics

    and I really like the picture of mary-kate on the side!

    Love it!

    X L


  2. Lizzifer says:

    How did you think of connecting these? They totally fit! It’s brilliant!

  3. Ah! beyond awesome!Love your work sister!Amazing Really I have no words!
    Rock on Cara!!!

  4. A and A says:

    loooove this post!
    Pink Floyd is a genius… too many vintage tee’s 🙂


  5. Pink Floyd + fashion = blissssss

  6. Nina says:

    I love Pink Floyd!!
    come by and pick up a blog award 🙂


  7. i love those pairings!

    ps: come enter the alice in wonderland giveaway on my blog! xo

  8. isabella says:

    i love ur blog, i even have a link of you blog in my blog 🙂

    Please check my blog/comment/ & follow ;)!
    >new update!