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hippie girls in front of vw busHi everybody,
It’s been awhile since I have done a post on hippie buses and I thought today seemed like a great day to do a new post. The weather is cool….a new year has begun….change is in the air…a trip cross country in a tricked out VW bus just sounds inviting!

Of course, for now my thoughts of a romantic road trip are just that….but hey, it can’t hurt to dream right?

Here’s part 3 of the “Magic Bus” series. You can check out Magic Bus part one and Magic Bus part deux if you’re feeling adventurous!

Where would you go in your hippie bus? πŸ™‚

Love All Around,
Cara Mia β™₯

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My second post on your Blog.

Where I would drive the Hippiebus to?

As it is a campervan I take it out for my holidays to Southern France The alps) About 1500km about 950 miles)

This holiday I will drive it to Italy and try to conquer the mighty Stelviopass lots of hairpins)

As far as Topgear said “the most beautiful road in the world”

I took it recently to the “Hippiefestival” in the Netherlands.. It was a superb weekend.

You can checkout the pic’s on my blog.

I wrote everything in dutch. Sorry bout that πŸ˜‰

greetz from the Netherlands Europe)

I take the Hippie bus out to Cali to see one of my best friends. He’s out there now and I miss him. He’s a big hippie too then we can ride out to the ocean. Soak in all the ocean and sun we can.

Thanks for these three fun bus posts. My magic bus would surely travel around North America, but I think the best trips would be the way a funky bus would make the trip to work and the grocery store that much more fun.

these makes me wish i lived in the 60s, partying and getting stoned silly travelling in the middle of nowhere πŸ™‚

our magic bus would take us into deep magic forests, secluded thrift gems, hippie meetings with the elders and music venues under the sky…barefoot the whole way! xo

oh i’m craving an adventure in a magic bus.. i wish one would come by and rescue me. haha. i love the flowery one. πŸ™‚
peace & love!

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