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the sixtiesSometimes I wish I could travel back in time and check out the late sixties first hand. I know there was a lot of turmoil in those days, but there was also a spirit of hope. People rallied together to stand up for what they believed in. Apathy was virtually nonexistent and change was in the air. And the parties…….the parties must have been fierce! 🙂

hippie girlshelly duvallhippie lovehippiesjim morrisonpsychedelic pantsI believe that we can still make a difference today. My best friend Orbit says……”Love is the answer!” No matter what you are going through, it is important to love others, but more importantly to love yourself. Give yourself a break….you are special, you have a lot to give, and you are fabulous!!!

More posts to come! 🙂

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥ orbit says love yourself

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Love is the answer, for sure! I would love to be a hippie in the late sixties..

I too think love is the answer, but not always an easy path. The hippies gave us interesting things to consider and there is much I too love about that late 60’s early 70’s culture, but they made mistakes too so we can’t glorify it. I was born in 1967 and I often think I must be the reincarnated soul of some poor hippie who died that year. I enjoy telling people I was born in the summer of love, although my parents certainly weren’t hippies. Interesting that many of those hippies became jaded and evolved into the me generation of the 80’s. There are different types of hippies too, not all of it terribly glamourous. It is difficult to pin down the definition of hippie. Because my son calls me a hippie, I explored the definition of facebook around a year ago. People have different ideas about what it means.

awe beautiful photos-nothing like hippie fashions, and inspiration to love everything around us! I agree with your friend Love is the answer! and its never too late to learn how 🙂

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