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Burning Man 2009

Burning Man 2009I’ve never had a chance to make it out to Burning Man but have always wanted to check it out. In case you’ve never heard of Burning Man, it’s a huge event in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, where people of all different backgrounds come together for art, music, community and fun.

This year my friend David a.k.a. Psilly Psymon) was kind enough to send some pictures of the event my way so I could share them with you. Psilly has been going to Burning Man for 8 years, and comes home with fabulous pics and footage of this spectacular and trippy event every time!

Here are some of my favorites. For the full selection, check out his site. Thanks again Psilly! 🙂

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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11 replies on “Burning Man 2009”

tickets are pretty pricy, i think they start at $175 and go up from that as it gets closer to the burn.
its also a HUGE amount of effort to get there esp. from NY!).

you have to bring everything you need for the week: tents, bike and you really need a bike, i tried it one year w/o and it was awful) costumes, food, water, etc.

there is NOTHING for sale except ice and coffee. but it is SO worth it!

I love following you on Twitter now, because now I get up to the minutes updates on your latest posts 🙂

I have always wanted to go here. Maybe next year.. one of my friends went there. He brought back fantastic pictures of himself and the whole event.

i’m not sure how much tickets are…i should probably ask david.

mj… are so right, i really want to check it out. 🙂

you HAVE to go to burning man! i’ve been several times, its life changing, every person should go at least once~ great pics!
mary jane

It looks so fun! I want to go so bad. I saw on wikipedia that tickets are $210 – $360!

My half brother went with his wife, as did a lot of my friends. I can’t way to go…planning for next year hopefully!! Their pics, as these ones are, are epic. I LOVE the desert!

i’ve never been either but it seems amazing. i’d love to make it one day. love these photos. 🙂
peace & love!

Oh, thank you so much for sharing! I’ve always wanted to go to Burning Man but it has yet to happen! I really enjoyed these pictures. 🙂

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