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RACHEL ZOE she’s back and fierce as ever!

Rachel ZoeI know there are varied opinions of Rachel Zoe and she has been the target of intense media scrutiny. What I admire most about her, is her willingness to put herself out there regardless of what people think or say. This coming Monday August 24th 10:00PM EST, new website where you can subscribe to daily emails for the latest fashion and style tips, and also follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Anyone who knows fashion like she does and motivates me to be a dress size smaller, is fabulous in my book!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia ♥

Rachel Zoe Maxi DressRachel Zoe and BradRachel Zoe at Marc JacobsRachel Zoe and husbandRachel Zoe shopping

17 replies on “RACHEL ZOE she’s back and fierce as ever!”

darling I have never seen Zoes show,but would like to. I love her 70’s luxe glam look.

great pst, love Rachel..less her huge love for furs, but she’s a real genius for styling!!

I actually have nothing against Rachel Zoe and I think her style is nice! Great post.

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great post, if i could have anyones wardrobe it probably be janis joplin’s, but rachel zoe s deffinatly a close second!

what i love the most is that everyone is being honest and that’s the most important thing!

thanks so much for your comments 🙂
you guys rock!!!!!

cara mia

I haven’t seen her show yet because like Carrie, I think she’s too skinny and well, a bit of an enabler. But I am willing to change my mind!

I love Rachel’s hippie style. I think a lot of starlets have copied her look and claimed it as their own. She has the best accessories.

thank you for posting this! i love rz so much. i think she is hilarious and a true trendsetter ; that’s why she gets so much flack from the mainstream media because i don’t think they get her.

Love Rachel’s Hippie-Chic Style 🙂 Gorgeous pics!
Boho Market

Fantastic pics and post, CM!
Love those gloves in the first pic and the little fur bolero. I think Rachel Zoe is too skinny and kind of annoying but I do have to admire her style!


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