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So You Think You Can Dance HIPPIE STYLE

Brandon and Melissa So You Think You Can DanceSo You Think You Can Dance!This is absolutely one of my favorite shows since I superb dancers but this routine was just magical!

Anyone else addicted to this show? Who are your favorites? 🙂

Here’s a video of their performance. If you subscribe by email and can’t see the video click here.
Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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7 replies on “So You Think You Can Dance HIPPIE STYLE”

yeah, melissa and ade brought tears to my eyes. i have to say my favorite is kayla though.

evan is great on his solos but i think he might be next too. jason looks like he may win due to the amount of pre-teen girls that are freaking out for him! could “boy band” be in his near future? 🙂

I looooooooooooooove this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Melissa was adorable in this routine. Watching this evening I was so confused, I love ALL the girls Melissa was “meh” in her first routine but I that breast cancer dance she and Ade did was so intensely beautiful….). Love Jeanette and Jenine and the blonde is brilliant too. The guys are a little weaker but I still love them all….the little Broadway guy i’m spacing on his name) will prolly go, but he wins me over in his solos every time. So charming and cool. Who you likin’???

This is so great! I love that song. I actually acquired a 5th Dimension record and it has that song on it! I also mentioned your giveway and blog on my blog today:)

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