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calling all hippiesThis year is the 40th anniversary of the original Woodstock in 1969! In honor of this event I’ll be doing a special post filled pics from…..well……you! Send me your best Woodstock photos, whether they’re from the 1960’s or the 1990’s concert events or even just your favorite hippie pics! 🙂 If your pic is included in the post you will be mentioned, and one lucky winner will receive a free mounted 1967 “Neon Rose” reprint mini poster!

1967 neon roseTo enter, leave a friendly comment and then Email me with your favorite Woodstock or hippie pictures, your name and address. Please

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too cool! i still love looking at old woodstock dad went and has lots!!!!!!

this is awesome!! my mum & friends escaped from home to attend woodstock by they couldn’t reach USA so they had a “mini private” woodstock in the countryside next to naples..I’m a hippie child!! I’m so excited to see your post and pf course I’ll send you a pic!!

That sounds very awesome. I hope you had a cool weekend. Cheers!

Man – how I wish I had pictures from Woodstock. I wasn’t born yet…but feel like I should have been there!

FYI – There is a new movie coming out very soon which looks like so much fun, “Taking Woodstock”.

hello love.
i only started going to festivals in 2006. i wish i was around for woodstock. but i was a baby. ive gone to bonnaroo every summer since 2006 and other little fests. have tons of photos from those. but none sooner.
peace & love.

sounds fun! i wasn’t at either in the flesh : but i was in spirit! 🙂
mary jane

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