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THAT 70s STYLE part one

1970s decorAlthough I am partial to the hippie style of the early 70’s, I have a deep love for everything fun from that decade. This includes the rock and roll/glam side of things as well as *cough cough*) disco fever! Now, I know that back then, the “rockers” and the “disco kids” were very much at odds and it would be considered completely gauche to like both styles, but since this is a different decade, I say “no holds barred!”

Two of my favorite trends from the 70’s that I believe can be pulled off no matter what decade, are bell bottoms and platforms. They are both being rocked on the runways right now, with some slight variations in the design, but no doubt, the 70’s influence. I think my next party is going to be a 70’s theme. Parties are just more fun when everyone dresses up!

If you’re feelin’ the 70’s vibe, stick around for part 2 of That 70’s Style!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia
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20 replies on “THAT 70s STYLE part one”

I think I am more into the hippie part of the 70’s, not so much the disco part. Though I must admit that I have my moments with sequins they are many), so maybe my fascination for them have some kind of bond with disco? You never know..

WOW! I love your blog. I am so happy to have found you, we were meant for eachother. My love has always been for hippies, hippie culture, and hippie style. I wish I wasn’t born in 1992, I probably would have been a lot happier being free.

love always
hope to hear from you
– amy !!

hello my friend!!!! i’m back i had a probllem wit my computer.
Oh I love this style is my fab one!!! Love the ’70 everything about it the deco is so amazing! I want a room like that.
Rock on Cara!!!

Ahhh, I think I need all these amazing clothes! A 70’s themed party would ROCK… if you have one, I’m coming over!

In the meantime, I’ll work on my Cher hair flip! Whoo!


love love love the print of that top. not living in the 60s or 70s is my biggest resentment in life. ha, yes, sad.

– frouu

oh so wonderful.
i was most most definitely born in the wrong decade

So awesome. I’ve always pictured myself in the 70’s living in Telluride, Colorado in my sunken living room with the fireplace in the middle of the room blazing. I love the Cher and Elton photo.

darling I love this post SO MUCH as your love for the Seventies shines through. How inspiring are these images?! love them all but my ultimate fave is the gorge black and white of Grace Jones. She looks demure in it, which is a look I have never seen in any of her photos.
thanks for a fab post.
muah x

Love all these pics, especially that brown and orange room what was it about that color combo in the 70s??).

A 70s themed party sounds awesome~ so fun!!


P.S. Love those bell-bottom jeans!

I love the 70’s and these pictures rock! I really must try that make up tutorial too!

I agree with y ou, I do ove something from the 70’s disco like platform disco stu is my hero!!) and bell bottom jeans, that together are perfect!! love the pics, cher led zeppelin bowie and the make up tutorial I need to try with my emerald eyeshadow!

ooooh, look at grace jones! i’m glad i found this little spot of yours via flytie) 🙂

I LOVE the 70’s so much! The interior design is so awesome, the music, the loose morality–it’s all so great!

Nice inspiration photos! I’m digging the wide-leg pants and I’m strangely drawn to the white ones even though white + pants = not a good idea for a klutz like me.

Lovely blog, btw…

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