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THE MAGIC BUS part deux

american hippie busI received several positive emails about the first Hippie Bus Post and thought it would be fun to do a sort of follow up post. I yet but once I do, I plan on tricking out the inside with old-school hippie style decorations and oversized gypsy pillows! I imagine driving along the coast with the windows open on a cool spring morning. Maybe pulling over onto a remote beach to lounge in the back while watching the sunrise.

How ’bout you guys? Any fantasy road trips you’d like to take? Or maybe a story about somewhere you’ve already been……

bob marley busgrateful dead busgrateful dead bushippie busmagic bushippie girl on bushippie vanold hippie busrainbow busvintage clothing hippie buslarge hippie busartful hippie buscool hippie buslove busvw logomerry pranksters further bushot hippie busOn a side note, I was searching Youtube for a cool video to post with footage of hippies in the 60’s taking a bus trip, but I couldn’t find anything that interesting. What I did find made me laugh though, and reminded me that whether you’re 17 or 70, sometimes you just need forget what people might think, and LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY!!!
Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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i really dig these – reminds me of my teenage years. we clomped all across america for months in a big painted bus – bit biofuel powered for a modern twist 😀

Love your blog! I’m almost 50 – and on my 50th, I’m magic-bussing across the country! Got to get the magic bus first though!

Beth in PA

I want an Hippie Bus!! few days ago I’ve seen a bright green and yellow volkswagen hippie bus I was almost in tears it was amazing!!

Those are amazing! Actually I would love to have one just in case on my patio

omg i want a magic fun bus ASAP!!! these are awesome! i want some paint and VW this second! xxx bel

I love the one with the Dead bears on it. It’s funny because at the dead show two weeks ago I went with my boyfriend who has never really gone to a hippie show and I found him outside a huge hippie bus and I was like ok come with me and he was like, ‘why?’ and I was like, ‘because this is what happens at hippie shows. that guy that you were talking to is a part of a cult that goes to these shows to get people on the bus and join’ random story.

Darlin’ I so wish I had a magic gypsy bus in my backyard! lol-xxx

This is beyond awesome, and it’s probably impossible to pick my favorite image. All I know is that if I cross paths with one, I’d happily put the miles on it.


Your fantasy bus posts are so wonderful, Cara Mia! I love all these pics, especially the one in the middle with the girl in the red dress perched on the International bus! You are making me want to take a road trip down the East coast!

Have a fab weekend, darling!


I love to ride in a Hippie Bus especially over the summer. Be like the ultimate adventure!!
The video of the guy is dancing is so cool. Just dancing and being in flow with himself.
Have a beautiful friday, CaraMia.

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