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Scott Saw : A cool story + Psilly Psymon

Two years ago this week, I was sitting in my tiny overpriced apartment in Manhattan, surfing Myspace on my birthday. Yeah, not the most fabulous B-day, I know) Anyway, I saw a bulletin posted by Scott Saw, who happens to be one of my favorite artists. He was giving away a free print to a random person who commented back. As fate would have it, I won the print of my choice! It really made me feel good on an otherwise uneventful day.

I never forgot that day and have been wanting to buy some art from Scott ever since. Today when I checked my mail, I found a package from Scott Saw addressed to me! Apparently my husband didn’t forget either, how happy I was to get Scott’s print, so he ordered 3 more prints and an awesome T-shirt for my B-day! The prints pictured are the ones I have. There are SO many cool things on Scott’s website, including original paintings and super reasonably priced prints!

Speaking of getting mail, I have a side note on my blog that says I love to get “snail mail”. Maybe I’m kinda old school, but I just the coolest dvd’s and trippy rainbow glasses! Every year, Psilly & friends get together and make a trip to the desert for Burning Man. I’ve been to countless raves and Dead shows but never had the chance to make it out to this paticular event.

Thanks to “Psilly”, I got a chance to check it out via Dvd! You can see some of his Burning Man videos here on youtube. Also, check out some psilly pics on his flickr page.

A HUGE thank you to Scott, Dave and my fabulous husband. My life definetely dosen’t suck, but every now and then it’s nice to be picked up from a not-so-fun day…we all have them! I encourage you to take some time to think about someone who may need a “fun thing” in their life. Maybe send someone a hand written card instead of an e-mail or offer to buy a co-worker lunch. Sometimes even the smallest things can make a world of difference in someone’s life!

Thanks to everyone! I will be blogging more soon.
Love All Around,
Cara Mia

10 replies on “Scott Saw : A cool story + Psilly Psymon”

Happy Belated Birthday, great psychedelic prints-really fun artist! Wish I could make it to Burning Man as well but a dvd would suffice for now. Agree with the “making of someone’s day” it also makes you feel warm && fuzzy.

jess s//hippiefroufrou

happy birthday!!!!late) hey great artist! i have never heard about him! lov this new post!
Rock on Carrie!!!

Amazing. You must be so psyched. Wow, I would love to get some more art. Happy belated birthday.
I love the art by the way.

thanx for letting us know this amazing artist, the prints are so beutiful and Happy Bday!!

What a great story 🙂 Sounds like it DID turn out to be an eventful birthday after all! His work is great, really interesting, almost kind of trippy, huh?

xox, mavi

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