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Goldie Hawn Blonde Ambition Laugh In Barbie

goldie hawn blond ambition laugh in barbieNow, I have to be honest. I never owned a Barbie as a kid, never played with them, and Kate Hudson’s mom, but a super star in her own right. This “Laugh In” Barbie is named after Goldie’s appearance on the 60’s / 70’s hit tv comedy Rowan & Martins Laugh In. The doll is complete with tattoos and her adorable Goldie do. It goes on sale this summer but several places on the web are taking pre-orders. No matter what generation you are from, this Barbie is definitely one to add to your collection……even if your collection is skateboards! 🙂

Here’s a clip of Goldie on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In show. Enjoy!

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22 replies on “Goldie Hawn Blonde Ambition Laugh In Barbie”

yeah, i don’t like barbies too, but this one is the cutest of all. the coolest barbie ive seen 🙂


She’ll be forever adorable… I just love her. And this Barbie… holy **** it’s awesome!


Okay, so I didn’t know who Goldie was…but now you have enlightened me! Thanks for posting the clip, it was especially fun to see! 🙂


oooh i love this post! im a massive goldie fan – currently reading her autobiography! and a barbie of her? thats just too perfect! xx

Wow, Goldie is so beautiful! I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair and I really love the style she has going on in the first couple pictures!

I’m going to come back later on and check out the video…I’m at work, that might not go over well :

i love goldie. i want to rent blowout ?) i think that is the movie with warren beatty and her. kate hudson never grew on me, however. I don’t know what it is.

can you say amazinggggg gene pool? hahaha …jealous

p.s. i saw the real peter max “love” poster at a gallery in la jolla, ca last week.. its a beauty. thought you’d appreciate that haha

Vintage Goldie! I adored her on Laugh-In; used to watch the reruns on Nick at Nite with my Dad back in the day… She was so goofy and perky!
Happy memories!


Love, love, love Goldie and Kate! Thanks for the heads up about the Barbie.

Funny…it happens that a friend of mine as kids is Goldie Hawn’s cousin…I always thought she was gorgeous!!

I must have the doll!! I’ve always loved Goldie, she’s a free spirit and so funny, the Barbie is too cute!!

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