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The most fabulous platform boots……up for grabs!

So here’s the scoop! I purchased these fabulous platform boots to go to the White Party to see one of my favorite people in the world spin….. DJ Herbie James. I ended up not being able to go, so the boots went back into the closet for a later date. When I went to put the boots on this week, to my dismay, they did not fit! I’ve been wearing a size 8 1/2 lately and the boots are a size 8. I don’t understand how my feet grew but I guess they did. Rather they put them back in the closet and pine away for them, I’ve decided to put them up for auction. They are much too fierce not to be worn by someone who will truly love them.

They are a size 8 but I think they could fit a 7 1/2 as well with a thicker pair of socks. They are Brand New and still have the original box and stickers on the bottom. Here is the link to bid: SOLD

If you win, send me a pic and I’ll post it!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia
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6 replies on “The most fabulous platform boots……up for grabs!”


That is a shame you cant wear them!! They make your legs look super sexy too!!

Missed Hw’s but i will catch it in reruns this weekend!

Been busy with trailer demo, so im exhusted but it’s fun!!

Thoes boots are soo made for walking, more like posing & shashayying!!



WOW they are funky alright!! woo!! unfortunatley i am BIG FOOT though!

good luck with the sale!!!!

love LM xxxx

Hi! I love your blog, it’s so retro inspired… and those shoes,killers

Wild! It makes me think of Shauna Sand, best known for her lucite heels.

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