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THE MAGIC BUS - Hippie Couture
love busMy dear friend Joey blogged about his most recent purchase, an amazing vintage 60’s Shasta Travel Trailer, which he is currently in the process of restoring. It got me thinking about the 60’s in general and how people were really into trailers, vans and buses, and seemed to love traveling together and taking long trips *no pun intended*) in these party machines! 🙂

Here’s a few pics of some of these psychedelic beauties. I can only imagine the fun travel stories that have emerged over the years and continue to bring people joy today!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia flower power bushippie van jimi hendrixhippie van janis joplinhippie busold hippy buslong hippie bustricked out vwhippie vanAnd here’s a video of rock-n-roll legends “The Who”, singing about wanting a magic bus!

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21 Responses to THE MAGIC BUS

  1. I would love to have one. Driven around by hippies who later became yuppies,unknowingly polluting and damaging the Ozone layer. Now I have to drive a tiny little unfunky thing because I would feel too guilty traveling around in a bus. SIGH-I would love a flower festooned VW! Maybe I’ll get a custom painted mini Cooper.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gramps has a ‘freaky awesome’ orange bus in top condition. He didn’t seem too keen when I offered to paint it in this style!

  3. Marcel says:

    I also own a VW-hippie bus it’s the later type, a Baywindow from 1978.

    I love taking it out for a trip.

    greetz from the Netherlands

  4. Glen Binger says:

    This might be the best blog post I’ve ever read.

  5. Yarrow says:

    I SOOOOOO want one of those!! OMG! I have always been fascinated by the sheer art put into one. Thanks for the post.

  6. Oh–these bus pix and the pix of the rock posters are groovy! Thanks for posting them.

  7. Lise says:

    I’d give anything for that kind of bus!

  8. Bella says:

    I sooooo wish I had one!

  9. Krystal says:

    i want a magic bus!

  10. Aretha says:

    I would love to have something cool as these! Actually, I’m really into those classic large cars of the 70’s action movies a la Superfly hehehe

  11. those are really cool vintage trailers! 🙂 i love hippie looks! they are fun, fresh and colorful as always! 🙂

  12. Ohhhh those are so cool! My hubby would go nuts for one of these!
    Great photos! Great post! Great song!

  13. Lilpixie says:

    Those pics are amazing I want want want want! It’s like art on wheels! I have added you to my blogroll

  14. syd vicious says:

    Oh my gosh these are amazing!!! Haha I’d totally drive one 🙂

  15. ooohhhh i always want to have one!!! Love your post and your Blog too! I gave you an award because of that!
    Rock on friend!

  16. Love these pics!

    Sooooo cool that your husband is a surfer, btw!


  17. Dooder City says:

    I want to tell you that your blog is one of my favorite. This pst is one of my favorite.

  18. ~alison says:

    omg….I am super jealous! I have always wanted a VW bus…BUT THESE are unbelievable!!! I want, want, want!

  19. Annie says:

    I like the cheerful yellow one 🙂

  20. UberOriginal says:

    They are sooooo rad. My brother wants a combie for his first car, haha. I wish we could still see the ones you’ve featured about the place but I’ve only ever seen the standard colour ones : xx

  21. MyGuy Friday says:

    OMG!!! You are my girl!! Thank you for doing that!!!!

    I loveee the magic ride’s of the hippie era, talk about taking a trip grin)

    TooT! TooT! Slap on thoes fantastic platforms I’m waiting outside!!

    Luv Ya Babe!!