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Hippie Style "The Menz" - Hippie Couture

the black crowesI love to post about rock-n-roll and fashion! Usually it’s for the girls, but this time…..well, I guess it’s still for the girls…..and a few of my fav. boys! Ironically, my handsome husband is very clean cut, loves to surf, and is far from having a hippie style, but we balance each other out perfectly! He will wear a Jimi Hendrix or Zeppelin T-shirt once and awhile though, which makes me smile. 🙂

Here’s some pics of my favorite “Hippie Menz” and a few runway looks from Gucci and Micheal Michalsky……..enjoy!
Cara Mia
chris robinsondevendra banhartdevendra banhartled zeppelinlenny kravitzlenny kravitzmick jaggerdhani harrisonthe doors
jim morrisoncreamjimi hendrixjimi hendrixtom pettytom pettytommy sunshinebassnectarmichael michalskygucci mengucci men spring 2009gucci men spring 2009gucci men spring 2009

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14 Responses to Hippie Style “The Menz”

  1. yay for Tom Petty!! Great blog you have here Lady!

    hello from Hippiefroufrou

    jess S//

  2. Ash Fox says:

    i LOVE these guys! thanks for the photos. awesome blog!


  3. Yarrow says:

    Love, love, love…this post. Yummy.

  4. MyGuy Friday says:

    Very cool! I have been sick with the flu most of last week, finally back to work today! I caught Housewives, a red Harley?? Is she kidding – I cant wait to see the group this week all together! I saw the preview, looks like tons of drama 🙂


    Joey sick & coughing!)

  5. LoveMore says:

    oh miss sixty!!!!!! my love!

    xxx LM

  6. i love this style i think the boys looks gorgeous!
    Rock on Cara!

  7. dapper kid says:

    Totally have to love the wonderful patterns and colours!

  8. Ashley says:

    you have a lot of great pictures in this post! I love it

  9. Jasmina says:

    love love love <3<33 too hot, I want to steal their pants :>>>

  10. Dooder City says:

    When I was in high school I was obssessed with Chris Robinson. I thought he was Robert Plane re-make he has an amazing voice.) I was fortunate to see him a couple of times play with the Black Crows featuring Jimmy Page. I was in heaven. I love Jimmy. He was my first crush of all time and my parents thought I was strange because I wasn’t brought up in the 70’s.
    Great post!

  11. syd vicious says:

    Awww how funny about your husband! My boyfriend and I are really different too but you’re right, it’s all about balancing and complimenting each other! I looove these pictures too, so colorful 🙂

  12. Carlotta says:

    amazing post, love to see the male hippie fashion!!

  13. Shell says:

    I just found your blog. I am feeling the vibe here. All those pics of Jimi and Lenny are beautiful. I will be back.

  14. June Paski says:

    i love 70s and 60s, my fav is george harrison!!!