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Flower Power - Hippie Couture

sunflowerSpring is just around the corner! Warmer weather. Barbecuing. Hanging out at the beach. Romance. Fresh cut flowers. A new season…and of course strappy sandals! Hope is in the air…can you feel it? Pantone announced it’s color of the year for 2009 is “Mimosa”, which is “a warm engaging yellow.”

They also stated, “In a time of economic uncertainty and political change, optimism is paramount and no other color expresses hope and reassurance more than yellow.”

Here are a few “flower power”, springtime pics that I love. What are you hoping for this season? 🙂
Love All Around,
Cara Mia
Bernies Flower Powermulti color flowersveruschkadiane von furstenbergdvf floral headbandgeorgia jaggerflower power doggieflower childhippie girlveruschkasasha pivovarovadiana pentymheisler slobotszoe kravitz

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24 Responses to Flower Power

  1. d'Artagnan says:

    genial., fantastico., caoticamente dulce.,!!

  2. Scarves says:

    The head scarf is nice! white color with black line.

  3. i adore your website!
    every post is brilliant

  4. Those shoes are iconic!

    Thee is nothing better for making you believe spring might just arrive after all than flowers!

  5. Yarrow says:

    Just found your blog. I love it! I have always loved hippie style and the bohemian look. I’ll be back again.

  6. Morgan says:

    I was such a big fan of wearing a flower in my hair last summer and I’m very happy that Spring is almost here so I can do it again! I love the pictures you have posted; they made me smile. =)

    Happy Spring!

  7. i love this style is great!!!
    But i like the picture of the dog with the flower it’s soooo cute i love dogs!!!
    Rock on Cara!

  8. Marian says:

    darling this is the most gorge post! all the delish colour and bohemia.adore the dress on Zoe kravitz and that DVF collection!
    muah x

  9. Bella says:


    Love this picture of you!!

  10. Bella says:

    Ahhh, these images are wonderful… the colros are so vibrant and welcoming. And those shoes!!!! They, alone, deserve a standing ovation. xxx

  11. Lise says:

    Love the pictures! Nothing is better than spring/summer. Can’t wait to wear dresses without freezing.

  12. P.S. Thanks for the restaurant reco, darling CM!!


  13. Gosh those flower shoes are FUNKY! hehe LOVE the photos!
    Wondered if you know what happened to MyGuyFriday’s blog!? silly question, i know)
    anyways, thank you for sharing ALL that you do! LOVE it! i too would LOVE to know which is your photo! hehe Have a LOVELY day! 🙂

  14. Trendy Rock* says:

    I love the typical photo that a man is putting a flower in a gun! so hippie! 🙂

  15. xs says:

    i’d love to wear those balenciaga shoes!

  16. molly says:

    oooh fantastic pictures!

  17. Aretha says:

    Great Veruschka pics!

  18. ines says:

    your blog is awsome!

  19. Dooder City says:

    Cute is that you on the bottom? With your pups? Very cool. I can’t wait for spring, it actually just started to snow where I am and although it’s not uninvited, it doesn’t make me think of snow BUT your post helped me imagine and remember what it is like.

  20. Carlotta says:

    this is one of my fav post!! love those pics jessica stam is amazing!) yellow will be def. the color for this summer, it’s the happiest color ever;-)))))

  21. syd vicious says:

    Great post and I love that picture of you!! You look lovely!

  22. Hey gorgeous!! Love your top!

    And there is sooooo mcuh to adore in this post, especially the Mimosa daisy and Sasha P as a flower child. Those shoes are wild too.

    Btw, your 6 things totally made me laugh. Especially the part about pickles – why is it that they just taste better straight from the jar?!


  23. the shoes are from the scherer gonzalez spring 2009 collection


  24. Inside Mode says:

    I seriously love this trend! It makes me so happy seeing it, becasue it just makes me want Spring/Summer to get here even faster.

    P.S. – those shoes are insane! Do you know what show they are from?