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Hippie Couture Award time you sexy people!

I recently received my first “blogger award” from the lovely Prudence at Penny Lane & The Lonely Hearts Club Band. With the award came a short list of rules, one of them being to pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think deserve an award. So I am passing this award on to some of my fav. bloggers……..but with a few twists. *snicker snicker*

First off, I have changed the award logo picture to add a little “flava”, and second it would be great if the winners would post this award on your blog and link back to me, but you are not under On a side note, I just want to say thank you, not just these 10 blogger friends, but to everyone who comments, subscribes or just drops by Hippie Couture to say hello. I enjoy writing and sharing cool stuff with everyone and I’m super grateful for the positive feedback……I’m feelin’ the love!
Love All Around,
Cara Mia

So here’s the list you sexy people in no particular order):

*Joey from My Guy Friday
*Carrie from Couture Carrie
*Herbie from DJ Herbie James
*Annie from Annie Spandex
*Leanne from Rainbow Reveloution
*Deana from Dooder City
*Celine from Hippie Hippie Milkshake
*Krystal from What is Reality Anyway?
*Syd from Sid Vicious Lives
*Susanna from Girl Meets NYC
*Bella from Vintage Lollipops
*Prudence from Penny Lane 7 the Lonely Hearts Club Band technically it’s a different award so I’m giving it back to ya baby!)

Ooooops, that’s 12……guess I broke another rule 🙂

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Ah, thank you SO much for the award, Cara Mia! <3 Sorry this is such a delayed reply, but I had to rewind to this older post and share my grateful thanks! I am so honored to given this award, especially since it's coming from a fabulous blog and blogger such as yourself! Thanks again, dear! <3


Aww, thank youuu!! It looks so cool!

Also, I tagged you for a little Q&A. 🙂

You are just fantastic!! hehe, that was soo sweet, and totally if you get to the city, I can get in NYC and meet up for cocktails!!

Is it true that Jeff passed away on Housewives? I heard that two times so far online.. Poor Grechen if it is true!

Bass lake forever! LOL


Big hugs!!


American idol – fan? I watch!

Thank you so much, darling Cara Mia! This award is so beautiful; can’t wait to put it on my blog and pass it along!


So awesome. What a great award and so my speed. Thank you so much. I will do the passing on the torch thingie in the next two days. So awesome.

Babe, you’re amazing… and completely deserve this award!!

And thank you so much, I’m definitely going to post this award and link it back to you!

Have a fantastic week!

Cara Mia…Your blog just gives me such a colour buzz my friend!!!
It is therapy of the highest degree
: ).

I want the buses in the post below…yes I want them…all of them…must.. have… colourful …buses…..they are awesome!!!!!!!!!

Love, hugs and rainbows!

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