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DVF and Miss Sixty Fall 2009 RTW Worth the Wait! - Hippie Couture

I’ve been waiting patiently since fashion week began for designers that would forgo the recession “doom and gloom” and add a splash of color, fun and rock-n-roll to this Fall 2009 season. Diane Von Furstenberg and Miss Sixty brought those elements to the runway in full force!

DVF’s collection is sophisticated yet playful at the same time. It is filled with animal prints, adorable pom pom hats, and these big colorful furry bags that I am just in love with!

Miss Sixty has gone full on sexy rock-n roll…….with a hint of S&M! The collection features patterned tights, fingerless gloves, biker hats, and snippets of color that just liven up the runway!

I’m hoping there are more upbeat designers to come! Visit Style.com for more pics from the runway. Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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24 Responses to DVF and Miss Sixty Fall 2009 RTW Worth the Wait!

  1. Bu bu y couldn’t fix it! i don’t know! Thanks anyway!
    Rock on Cara!

  2. trendkat says:

    Wow! I really like Miss Sixty’s entire line, especially those gorgeous tights!

  3. mary jane says:

    i ADORE that miss sixty patchwork dress!
    mary jane

  4. Daphne says:

    the miss sixty collection is amazing… as always!

    lovely blog!


  5. Btw, I am having a contest on my blog today so stop by and enter – I think you will like the prize, CM!


  6. Dear Cara i have seen the problem but i don’t have any idea how to fix it! Try in Follow the blog it’s easy I’m goin’ to follow your blog i love it!
    Rock on Cara!

  7. Miss Sixty Collection is so damn hot!
    I love it 🙂

  8. Rebecca says:

    this blog is so goodxxxxxx

  9. Darrah says:

    I love the array of prints and colors! The constant juxtaposition from black makes each collection very interesting. I can’t wait!

  10. Bella says:

    Sexy rocker is absolutely right! I love eveything about these two collections!

    It certainly has all the wicked elements of style greatness.

  11. found you through My Guy Friday and GLAD i did! 🙂 i LOVE the buses and those FUNKY platform shoes!! FUN!!
    i did stop and tried to visit the other day but my computer was giving me such a fit, that i didn’t leave a comment! So HAPPY my ‘puter is friendlier today! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing these WONDERFUL photos! Have a GROOVY day! 🙂

  12. Larita says:

    i love this clothes 🙂

  13. Marian says:

    hey honey like you i love the DVF collections! its so luxury bohemian.she does pom poms like no other!
    muah x

  14. freeTEYme says:

    i love DVF. really cool collection.

    I have tagged you btw. =)

  15. Poshhh says:

    Miss Sixty has such a great new line..all the sexy leather and flared skirts are so glamorous..

  16. Aretha says:

    The red dress + lace thights gorgeous combo! I will put you on my links list girl, I have to reorganize everything today!!

  17. syd vicious says:

    Love both, but I am so happy with Miss Sixty!

  18. Annie says:

    OMG that orange and blue patchwork print dress! I’m loving these!

  19. Carlotta says:

    the DVF collection is amazing, the shoes are gorgeous!! miss sixty is pure rock n’roll !!

  20. Love your reviews, CM . . . the patterns at both Miss Sixty and DVF were so fun and fanciful!


  21. Lise says:

    Agreed! I loooove the Miss Sixty collection.

  22. ohhh i love both too!!! Miss Sixty is like more rock ‘n roll and the other is more hippie love them it’s absoluty my style a mix of rock, hippie and something new! Love this post!
    Rock on Cara!

  23. Dooder City says:

    I love them.
    I really love how the DVF isn’t so tailored and more drappey than it usually is. It’s not all about the girl going to the 9-5 job…this girl could go to a concert or something to that nature.

  24. Love both of these collections!
    Love your blog btw!