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Need a Lift ???

1970's platform shoesHey everybody, what’s shakin’!? After being in bed with the flu for what seemed like forever, I decided I needed a lift…….what better way then to post about some of my favorite platforms? 🙂
I would have to say most of my shoes are either super high heels or platforms, and I wear them with just about everything!

I love that the platform trend is back and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon!

Here are a few pics….enjoy!
Cara Mia
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I feel taller just looking at these wicked vaults!


Love this collection of platforms, especially the pink cut-out ones- are those Stella McC?

Glad you are feeling better!


THAT was fantastic!! I had to look twice!!

Im gald your back and feeling better!!!! Hows life? Things are going great here, I threw caution to the wind and acually just bought a 1966 vintage two tone aqua blue & white travel trailer!!!!!

I never camped before, I love it!! haha – it was here locally for sale & I had to have it, so i made a deal and it comes ZThursday in my driveway!

It is great condition only about 10 feet but very bubble shaped, im going to restore it back to vintage fantastic-ness and take it on the road this summer with friends.

So how is the hubby? hows the new site?

I do watch Housewives, I love Grechen, who claims she is “30” right!! Im obessed with it now! She is really hot but something is not right with her, i dont know, gold digger much?

What about Tamra? She is a trouble maker big time!! And i cant look at dog face anymore or I will scream, she gets me sooo mad vicky ugh!

Good times!!

Miss you hope all is well and let’s chat soon!!



Roadtrip anytime soon? haha!! I will swing by!

So funny when designers go OTT with the wedge, but then it’s all about supply and demand and they wouldn’t be making them if people didnt want to be wearing them right. xx

wow interesting shoes! hope your cold flys away into the sky for you.
xxx LM

Hi 🙂
thx for changing the link 🙂
I’m glad you are feeling better now 😀
I love the shoes in pictures #3 and #8

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