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Hippie New Year !!!! - Hippie Couture

Hey everybody what’s shakin,! Sorry, I just couldn’t resist a nice cheesy title to start off the New Year! 🙂 I will be back to blogging on a semi-regular basis now that the holiday frenzy has quieted. More good things to come on Hippie Couture!

I hope that 2009 will be a fabulous year for everyone!
Love All Around!
Cara Mia

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12 Responses to Hippie New Year !!!!

  1. Lise says:

    I want that van!!!

  2. Krystal says:

    happy 09 darling, all the best to you x

  3. Hi from Paris and now New York a si am shootiung this week in New York

    i saw your comment on the Sartorialist’s blog.

    i hope that someday you’ll love my blog as weel

    i just try to humanize fashion by showing with my street style pics in Paris that real women are more beautiful than anoroexic models in magazines


    i wish you a delightful day

    cheers from Paris and New York

    Kamel LAHMADI

  4. Hey good to see you Cara Mia! Happy Hippy New Year my colourful friend!

  5. tigermilk says:

    happy new yearrrrrr this is the most joyful blog ive ever seen. my mood went from like a 3 to a 10!! its almost energizing haha 🙂

  6. OMG CM, I was blown away by your sweet compliment 🙂
    Thanks sooooo much, and here’s wishing you a fabulously fashionable and hippie new year, Cara Mia!


  7. Hey, i got here from Dooder city. Greetings from Spain…your blog reminds me to Formentera, an island here in Spain, Ibiza, and my summer vacations there
    Happy new year!
    XOXO Andrea

  8. Love that bus! Happy New Year! 🙂

  9. Dooder City says:

    happy new year!
    love the bus!

  10. LoveMore says:

    Happy New Year!
    Yay for your return…love this pic too 🙂 xxx LM

  11. happy new year,you were missed,have a good wknd.
    muah x

  12. syd vicious says:

    Happy New Year! Glad you are back 🙂