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Hippies are not chic! WHAT??? - Hippie Couture

Tomorrow is the big day for Bride Wars, starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway! I have been anxiously awaiting this movie since I first heard about it back in October. Anne became a favorite of mine after watching “The Devil Wears Prada”, but I have to admit, I am a huge Kate fan!

To me Kate embodies the term “Hippie Chic”, which is quite ironic seeing as though she just announced in a recent magazine article that she thinks hippies are “anything but chic”, because she was married to one. Well Kate…..kate hudsonkate hudson almost famous

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13 Responses to Hippies are not chic! WHAT???

  1. LoveMore says:

    i still must see this!! i love kate…especially in almost famous…what a top movie..!

    thanks for your comment love! your blog is so inpsiring!! glad i got to it.

    hope you hav had a lovely day dear xxx LM

  2. Ashley says:

    I LOVE Kate Hudson. She looks effortlessly chic anywhere she goes. Almost Famous is my favorite movie! I still haven’t seen Bride Wars… I’m getting a little antsy…

    peace and love

  3. Hi there!
    The Stiletto Effect has a new home. Can you please change your link to http://www.thestilettoeffect.com? Thanks.

  4. Debbie says:

    Yes, Kate is definitely hippie chic….I think she is just in denial…or maybe doesn’t like being labels….but there’s no denying it! I’m waiting for Bride Wars to come to our area too….it will be a fun movie.


  5. Lise says:

    Kate Hudson is fabolous! And she is defenetly hippie chic..

  6. Lluviaschick says:

    cute picture of her with her son

  7. MyGuy Friday says:


    Love her too!! she is such a free spirit!!

    Hows life?? Are you ok? Fill me in when you have time!!

    miss you xoxox


  8. Wldn’t it be great of Kate made a really good movie this time?! I still think she’s never been better than in Almost Famous… LLGxx

  9. I just got back from seeing Bride Wars and it was awesome! It was kinda predictable, but overall a fun way to spend the afternoon. Kate and Anne are fabulous!

  10. Laura Amy says:

    I love Kate as well and just got two of her movies for Christmas. 🙂 I can’t wait to see Bride Wars!

  11. Kate is fabulous! I’ve just posted about the “Bride Wars” Movie with pictures and trailer) it must be such a funny movie to watch to 🙂
    Keep in touch

  12. mandi says:

    yes i cannot wait to see bride wars & the devil wears prada is on tomorrow night 🙂 hehe.

  13. UberOriginal says:

    I looove Kate in Almost Famous one of my faves! xx