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Nouveau Hippies - Hippie Couture

nouveau hippiesIn my search for new music I came across a site called Last.fm, where you can listen to tracks by individual artists, or pick a genre and let the music stream. I was particularly thrilled to find a channel called “nouveau hippie radio”! Most of the music is from current artists that give a nod to the original hippie generation but add their own unique vibe.

If your looking for some new music for your Hippie Holiday’s, here’s a few that you might enjoy.
Love all around,
Cara Mia

my brightest diamondMy Brightest Diamond is Shara Worden. She is the granddaughter of an Epiphone-playing traveling evangelist; her father was a National Accordion Champion and her mother a classical organist. Having a family of wanderers who migrated across the U.S. every few years, the landscape and the musical influences were constantly changing: Spanish tangos, Sunday morning gospel, classical and jazz were the accompaniment to her home life. Her first song was recorded when she was three years old, and by the age of eight she was studying piano and performing in community musical productions.
LISTEN to My Brightest Diamond on Last.fm

saturday looks good to meSaturday Looks good To Me is an indie pop band from Ann Arbor, Michigan that formed in 1999. The group is led by singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Fred Thomas, former member of His Name is Alive. Based both in Ann Arbor as well as Detroit, the group frequently culls talent instrumentation for the various productions from the respective scenes.
LISTEN to Saturday Looks Good To Me on Last.fm

espersEspers is a neo-psychedelic folk band from Philadelphia. They formed in 2002 as a trio of singer-songwriter Greg Weeks, Meg Baird and Brooke Sietinsons but later expanded to a sextet including Otto Hauser, Helena Espvall and Chris Smith. Their music is reminiscent of late-sixties british folk as well as many contemporary folk acts. Their work is often lumped in with the so-called new weird america movement or naturalismo as Devendra Banhart preferred to coin it in 2006.
LISTEN to Espers on Last.fm

marissa nadlerMarissa Nadler born 5 April 1981) is an American dream-folk and indie-rock musician. Nadler studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she began her performing career after writing songs for many years. Nadler writes strange, yet classic, melancholy songs. Her voice is often bathed in a wash of reverb and space echo and creates a ghostly, atmospheric feeling to the music.
LISTEN to Marissa Nadler on Last.fm

the essex greenThe Essex Green is the name of an Elephant Six indie rock band from Brooklyn, NY. Comprised of pemanent members Jeff Baron, Sasha Bell and Chris Ziter, along with Mike Barrett and Tim Barnes, they formed in 1997 and were later signed to Kindercore Records, who released their first album later that year. After the release of some EPs and singles, the group signed with Merge Records who released their second album in 2003.
LISTEN to The Essex Green on Last.fm

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3 Responses to Nouveau Hippies

  1. Hello, darling! Love the images in this post!
    You have been tagged, btw! See my post today for the “rules” – it’s a fun one!


  2. lilustyle says:

    great pictures 🙂

  3. what a great list of musicians,all very talented!thanks for sharing dear.nothing like real music.