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It’s A Mod World!

space age dressWith the polls opening today, it got me thinking about politics in the 60’s and the “race for space”, which made me think about fashion. Somehow I always end up at fashion!) I found a few pics in my inspiration folder that I wanted to share. My personal style is more hippie chic than mod, but I love the whole vibe of that time period in general.

A special thanks to my readers and everyone who has been leaving such fabulous comments! I enjoy your blogs so much and will be making my “comment rounds” again shortly. Thanks for making me smile!
Love All Around,
Cara Mia
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17 replies on “It’s A Mod World!”

somehow i always ending up wondering about the fashions/clothing of whatever times/historical events i’m pondering as well)

yep. those are some great shots.

You’re right about that, darling Cara! I NEED a polka dot helmet for my futuristic car asap!!


Mod is amazing, but still.. My heart lies with the hippies 😉


Btw, my blog is a bit different now, with a new name and such. So if you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look 🙂

HAHA I love the last one in the mod ship!!

When you get time say before Thanksgving i can do a interview style article of you with some images!!

Did u find that show on 11 yet??

Last night at 9PM!! It is soo fantastic, people crying, fighting all in the “bullpen” of Elle Magazine!!

Give me the goosebumps it’s so fantastic!!


Joey 🙂

woo hooo cara!! i love these pix! wher did yew nick them?? they fierce!!

Now this is a bloog after my heart!! i was born in the early eighties but my heart is stuck on all things of the past. I am endlessly inspired by fashion’s past,the swinging sixties and hippy seventies alway inspire.
Love LOVE love these images. Thanks for sharing,

I adore your inspirational folder!!! These, especially the second image, are divine!!

There really is something wonderful about that fashionable era!!!

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