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Color Tips + What looks best on you

fashion tipsHave you ever tried on a garment that fits great, but the color just didn’t look quite right? Here’s a quick guide to help you find colors that look the best on you. The color charts are scanned from one of my fashion books and I’ve added a few celebs to give an example of each season.
Love All Around,
Cara Mia

Winter: cool) You natural hair color is usually dark and you have brown, hazel, dark blue, grey or green eyes. Your skin has a cool blue undertone. Winter people can wear true black or white clothing. Clear, true vivid colors from light to dark will make you look good. Any colors with blue undertones are recommended. Dull or dusty colors should be avoided.winter color chart
winter celebs
Spring: warm) Typically have a heritage from Scandinavia, Britain & Northern Europe. Your natural hair color is flaxen or strawberry blond to medium or reddish brown. Eyes will be blue, aqua or golden brown. Your skin has a warm yellow undertone and hues with yellow undertones look best on you. Medium to light colors are better than dark shades.
spring color chart
spring celebs
Summer: cool) Summer people also can have a background from Scandinavia & Northern Europe. You have rosy delicate coloring with a blue undertone. You may get a sunburn easily. Your hair is ash blond, which often darkens with age. Blue eyes are most common but some have green, grey, hazel or brown eyes. You should wear dusty or muted shades with blue or rose undertones. Cool soft colors are the best.

summer color chartsummer celebsAutumn: warm) People from many different backgrounds and people with dark skin tones are Autumns. You have reddish highlights in hair ranging from blond to dark chestnut brown. Your eyes are usually brown but some are green, hazel or blue-green. Your skin may have freckles and it has a golden undertone. You should wear strong but dusty colors with orange or yellow undertones.

autumn color chartautumn celebs

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What a fantastic post!!! I can definitely relate and it’s always helpful acclimate new ideas and re-shuffle the elements we thought were best for us, which of course turned out all wrong!

if i knew what color fit me best the world would come to an end cuz i would buy it all the time 🙂

omg! I have to say how much I LOVE your blog!!! love, love, love it! Hippie at heart, right here! I am adding you to my blogroll!

Oh this is a fabulous post, I am “Summer”, which is quite fitting, I was born in summer too, and that’s my favorite season! ^_^ Sadly the part about getting sunburned easily is very true for me too! haha 😛 Will have to keep these colors in mind next time I go shopping! 🙂

Thanks for your lovely comment, by the way! <3


Awesome post!!! I must bookmark this post for future references!

Ooh, cool. very interesting! I like to think of myself as a fall 🙂

This is nice, but I’m curious as to why there are no images of women of color here? I have a really hard time with these “color seasons” books for that same reason.

i’ll keep it in mind. but knowing me i’ll flock to my blacks and greys, safe zone

I think I’m one of those “days where you can’t really tell what season it is because the weather changes so much.”

this is sooo great. i never even wear makeup, because i think i end up looking like a clown 🙂


love your post girl…
and know the feeling. Guess we all can learn something about this tips-

I like red when others wear it- but can´t wear it myself…
sometimes its all about how you feel that day. black, brown, armygreen, grey, beige is the colours I wear the most…

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