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Veruschka + Hippie Makeup Sixties Style!

veruschka hippie makeupIf you are looking for inspiration for hippie makeup, the fabulous 60’s model Veruschka, is a great place to start! She is well known for taking modeling to a whole new level by incorporating wild body paint into her shoots and working with famous artists. I recently posted a video showing backstage at Gucci’s 2009 S/S RTW show, where world renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath, mentions Veruschka being her source of inspiration.

Veruschka is an intriguing creature, not only for her modeling but also for her background. Her mother was a Countess and her father was a German Count and army reserve officer, who was executed for an assassination attempt on Aldolf Hitler. After his death, Veruschka was shuffled around to various labor camps and schools. She was discovered at age 20 by photographer Ugo Mulas, but didn’t start seriously booking gigs until she changed her name and told people she was from Russia.

Here are some pics and a cool video.
Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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11 replies on “Veruschka + Hippie Makeup Sixties Style!”

The makeup is amazing but the stones one is pretty freaky! :/

Love V and these photos – the face paint in the first one would be sooooo fun to do for Halloween! Are you dressing up?


I’ve never heard of her, but I love her use of body paint! I wish I was decent at doing body paint stuff, but sadly I’m not! 😉

By the way, I gave you the Premio Dardos award in my last blog entry, I know you already commented, but I’m not sure whether you noticed or not? There was a lot of names and links in that entry, so if you missed it I wouldn’t be surprised, and if you did see it, then nevermind this, just want to make sure you did! 🙂


ahh, amazing. someone once told me that i reminded them of her…of course i fell at their feet in thanks! 🙂 love this post!!


I agree with wendyb Veruschka is definately an icon.

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