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Hippie Makeup Tips and Gucci 2009 Backstage - Hippie Couture

hippie makeupWhether your putting together a super freaky hippie costume for Halloween this month, or you just have an every day general hippie chic style, here’s a few makeup tips to achieve your look.
* 1. Use a concealer for blemishes, then a mineral foundation instead of a heavy cream, to keep the face light and fresh.
* 2. Create a dramatic eye using either a colorful shadow, or a smoky shadow with emphasis on the crease of your eye.
* 3. Apply black liner around the whole eye with an outward extended line in the corner of your eye, for a cat eye look. For a more subtle look, use a dark liner around eye with no extension and soften with smoky shadow.
* 4. Black mascara should be heavy! False lashes are optional.
* 5. Use a pale shade of lipstick the lighter the better) in pinks or nudes.
* 6. Apply just a light shade of blush to give a subtle glow, and your all set!

hippie make up tipsHere’s some backstage pics from Gucci’s 2009 Resort and RTW shows, which encompass the hippie vibe completely! The other pics are from the book “Mini Mod Sixties”. The last pic is from the book and has nothing to do with makeup, but I have to ask, doesn’t that guy look like Carson from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”?

Love All Around,
Cara Mia
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13 Responses to Hippie Makeup Tips and Gucci 2009 Backstage

  1. magamagaia says:

    I love your pictures ’cause i like so much this period! 😉

  2. Polliani says:

    a really nice blog.. found you on hippiehippiemilkshakes blog:) I will follow you! have a look at mine to if youre in the neighborhood:)

  3. Susanna-Cole says:

    Oh make-up tips! I’m horrible at make-up, so I can always use some make-up tips! 🙂 Great post, I love hippie style! 😀

    And thanks so much for your comment, I too am glad you had your coffee that morning so you could share your thoughts and opinions with me! 🙂 I really do love to hear what other people think! 🙂


  4. Love your blog and your hippielove…
    First time visiting, but will be back after linking you

  5. Anjeanette says:

    Great post! I really like your blog too. Wanna trade links??

  6. Cara Mia says:

    thanks everyone for sending some blog love my way 🙂
    cara mia

  7. great make up tip–i took some notes!!! 🙂

  8. amethyst says:

    thank you so much for the comment, i really appreciate the recognition. 🙂

  9. sara says:

    i LOVE your blog.. it’s such a inspiration. i’ll add it to my favourites.

  10. TRISH says:

    I so love your blog!! 🙂

  11. Yes! The hair and makeup at Gucci Resort totally blew my mind too! Thanks for the how-to 🙂


  12. MyGuyFriday says:

    Wendy Pepper, love it – I’m sick with the flu today – Now I have to Google her! thanks 🙂 I need her pic for my wallet!! hahaha)

    Love Ya

    J 🙂

  13. MyGuyFriday says:

    Ahhh! Love it – I always loved a heavy eye or doe eye with winged liner & a 70’s blunt bang, with a pale cheek & lip. Nothing to me is hotter on a chic then a high teased crown & loose curls or bangs that start very far back on the head. I love major ratted retro do’s haha, ala Dusty Springfield or Bardot. Soo Hot!

    As much as Im obessed with Dita Von Teese & Pin up-bombshell 40’s looks I do enjoy 60’s & 70’s hairstyles with falls & wiglets! God I’m so gay 🙂

    PR! You did it, you pulled out a Wendy Pepper on me! The mustache on kid’s picture caper was fantastic!

    I’m bummed, this season did nothing for me at all, the outfits this week, again were so blahh – Kenley with the tude – I’m over it! was cute at first, but really soo played out!

    I expected soo much more ugh!
    Have a sweet weekend honey & chat soon!!


    Joey :)~