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Rock your Sixties style! - Hippie Couture

harpers bazaar 1965A few days ago I posted some 60’s style makeup tips. Today I found this cool video which actually shows a couple of girls applying it! So cute, and there’s some footage of models in the 60’s doing a fashion show. Enjoy!

Love All Around,
Cara Mia

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14 Responses to Rock your Sixties style!

  1. Eelie says:

    How ironic is this! I just made a post about the 80’s yestersay lol but yes the sixties were a fabulous time!

  2. Great find with that video Cara Mia! What an awesome era for humanity…
    I was a baby of the 60’s..still love the music and the fashion. Although being a teenager of the 70’s was so….purple!

  3. yiqin; says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing the video! I am so gonig to try it soon!

  4. Annie says:

    Cool vid!

  5. Nancy Ellyn says:

    Oh, I love that! Cool!

  6. Jordi Gual says:

    Love and pace blog…..Fantastic..!!

    Jordi from Barcelona.

  7. michelle says:

    hehe totally feeling the hippie vibe from your blog! 🙂 wish my sound worked so i could hear the video!!

  8. great find. thanks for sharing.

  9. nice post, really like the video.
    love the late 60s and the beginning of 70s better than early sixtys, but the make up was fab…

    thanx for your comments… I do love my twiggy cups:)
    later, c

  10. lev_i_mote says:

    i love sixties make up! nice blog 🙂


  11. Susanna-Cole says:

    I love that Harper’s Bazzar cover! And that video was fun to watch, I especially enjoyed the music! 🙂

    And thanks for your comment, for sharing your thoughts, and for the sweet compliment! I actually get great sleep… well, usually. Occasinally I can’t sleep cause I get plagued sp) either by words or ideas that I just HAVE to turn on the light and write down. And it’s hard to shut up my inner monologue sometimes… but yeah, other than those nights, I get good sleep. If I don’t get good sleep… I’m GRUMPY! 😛


  12. So cool! The models shimmying and shaking and sucking their thumbs on the runway? Love it!


  13. loving all these vintage 60s style …fabulous indeed!!!
    lovely posts…

  14. trendology says:

    Ooo good find!